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Essential Oils

This video that explains what essential oils are, how they are used and some of the benefits they offer.

I use Pure Essential Oils from Young Living Essential Oils for most of my work. I do however use other brands for Aromatherapy purposes only.

Your massage is completed with a hot towel infused with Lavender essential oil (though sometimes I change it up depending on what I feel you may need at the moment)

I may also incorporate different oils into your session, depending on what your issues/or complaints are.

If you would like me to add some aroma-therapy to your session just let me know prior to your session. We'll talk and see what it is you are looking to achieve. 

Young Living Essential Oils are available for purchasing. You may contact me directly or use the information below and order directly.

Here is the Latest Product Guide if you would like to find your favorite essential oils to order.

I am offering monthly wellness classes on how we can use Essential Oils in our lives. Learn how to live life without all the toxic chemicals in the products we use each day.

Young Living Essential Oils

Phone: 1-800-371-2928    

ID Number: 1096900




***This information is for educational purposes only and is meant to be shared with those seeking non-toxic, chemical-free wellness products.  It is not meant to substitute for medical care or to prescribe treatment for any health condition.